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A closer look to Swift

3. August 2015 Leave a comment

Swift was first introduced at the WWDC 2014. It was all new and shiny and we did not know what to expect from the programming language. In my talk that I gave at Macoun 2014, the biggest German-speaking conference for iOS and Mac OS developers, I took a closer look to Swift. Which new and old language concepts and paradigms Swift is built upon? What good parts and what pitfalls does it have? Is Swift a functional language? Can it be used to program in the functional style? These are the questions I tried to answer. The Swift playgrounds from my talk are available on GitHub.

Domain-Specific Languages (Mobile Edition)

21. April 2014 Leave a comment

Last year, I gave a talk about domain-specific languages at Macoun, the biggest German-speaking conference for iOS and Mac OS developers.

Many software developers wish they could create their own programming language. A language that would exactly meet their taste and needs. However, language development is considered to be complex and laborious. Fortunately, there are frameworks for domain-specific and programming language development that make this a simple task. Domain-specific languages are widely used today. Just think of CSS, SQL, the visual format language of iOS and OS X Auto Layout constraints or the Objective-C predicate format. So let’s see, how we can easily create our own language, use an iOS device as an editor for it and generate source code or even a whole native app for multiple platforms from it.

In my talk, I gave a definition of problem domain and domain-specific language (DSL) and showed some examples of different domains. I also compared different kinds of domain-specific languages and pointed out the benefits of their use. My language implementation examples made use of the parser generator framework ParseKit and the IDE for language development Xtext. And finally, I demonstrated the Applause DSL and its usage for creating apps for different mobile platforms.

The video of my talk is in German. If you are interested in listening to this topic in English don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to speak at your event.